Once upon a time, in a land far, far away a baby was asleep. It was a night like any other and baby Isabella was in her cot dreaming….dreaming of sleepwear that wasn’t scratchy and didn’t twist or ride up. If only someone would design the perfect baby sleepwear. Made of soft, high quality, 100% cotton, a snug fit with the perfect length in the body, arms and pant to allow for easy movement and growth…and most of all something that would keep little Isabella warm in winter and cool in summer…

Lucky for Isabella her wish came true and Snugglebum was born…inspired by beautiful designs from Europe, very different from anything available in Australia, Snugglebum is the happy ending to the sleepwear story.

We hope you fall in love with Snugglebum – the designs, the fabric, the fit.

Our size has grown to cater for babies and children from newborn all the way up to 14 years old. Our Snugglebum range includes our ever popular all-cotton sleepwear, soft fluffy hooded dressing gowns and a beautiful range of coordinating accessories .

If you have any queries or feedback about our range you can contact me directly via email or by calling our free call customer service number on 1300 657 131.

Wishing you and your baby the soundest of sleeps…

Melanie Grant

Director of Snugglebum Australia